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Juvenile Justice

What is the Juvenile Justice Division All About?

The programs of the Child and Family Charities Juvenile Justice Division assist youth and their families through prevention, diversion and support. Each program is designed to help the issues around truancy, delinquency, drug abuse, and risky behaviors through diversion, support and therapy programs that help not only the youth in question, but also the entire family.

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The Juvenile Justice Programs of Child and Family Charities include the following:

Teen Court

Through volunteer high school students who participate as a "Peer Jury" and "Court Bailiff" with a pro bono Judge presiding over Accountability Hearings, Teen Court is helping first-time offending youth gain valuable understanding of their wrong-doing and working with the youth and families to prevent repeat offense as well as offering high school teens a chance to volunteer and learn about the justice system by participating in a peer jury.

T.E.A.M. Attendance - Truancy Reduction Outreach

Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.), through expert counselors, T.E.A.M. attendance is making breakthroughs in helping families overcome issues that lead to truancy problems for their child.

Strengthening Families™

Strengthening Families™ is a research-informed approach to increase family strengths, enhance child development and reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.

Prime for Life™

Child and Family Charities proudly provides the PRIME For Life™ program, working within local school districts to help youth overcome their struggles with risky behavior and finding a better path for their lives.

Other Programs include:

2021 Beneficiaries



Youth first time offenders helped in Teen Court



Youth trained as peer jurors


Students served in the Truancy Reduction Program



Families Strengthening Families Workshops



Early Intervention groups held for youth 


Prime for Life prevention groups held for youth (Everett High School)



Youth and families received Intensive Case management 



youth received prevention services through the Positive Pathways program