For over 100 years—since 1911, Child and Family Charities has been protecting and strengthening families in need. Our origins demonstrate that we were initially formed as the Ingham County Branch of Michigan Children’s Aid. The agency’s founding purpose was “to secure for every child the same love and the same opportunity that we would have our children receive should they be left orphaned or friendless.” This was in response to the orphan trains that would transport orphaned and homeless children from crowded cities in the east to foster homes predominantly in the west. Our early efforts focused on services to unwed mothers, adoption, and the recruitment of foster homes. Over the years, under the same guiding principles Child and Family Charities has evolved in the Mid-Michigan community

Today, through 6 division and 25 programs, Child and Family Charities offers a full-spectrum of support to over 7,000 children, youth and families each year in the mid-Michigan area.  The primary mission of our private, nonprofit organization is to strengthen and support children, families, and individuals as they evolve and grow in a changing community.

“The agency continues to thrive and grow. It is because of the outpouring of support from the local community, individuals, organizations, and corporations; that we are able to do the good that we do for so many children and youth.”

Dawn Mead, LMSW
Director of Child Welfare
with over 26 Years Experience in Child Welfare Services