Our Mission
To strengthen and support children, families, and individuals as they evolve 
and grow in a changing community.

Our Vision
To be a leader in human services, recognized for excellence in practice, collaboration, 
and advocacy on behalf of vulnerable populations.

Our Values
Sound ethics and best practices must guide all agency decisions, policies, 
and activities in recognition of our leadership role.

Excellence will be promoted at all times:

  • High quality and cost-effective services will be delivered.
  • Progress toward organizational goals and objectives will be measured.
  • Improvement in service delivery will be based on stakeholder feedback and knowledge gained from practice.
  • New ways and new methods to increase effectiveness and efficiencies will be learned and applied.

Excellent service requires excellent staff. The agency will recruit, hire, train, and retain individuals who are mature, competent, eager to learn, engage in best practice, able to participate as a team, and willing to take intelligent risks.

Staff, volunteers, caregivers, and clients will treat each other with respect at all times and promote a productive, cooperative, and culturally friendly environment.

Individuals and families are the best experts on their strengths, needs, and resources. All clients will be actively involved in creating solutions that produce safe and healthy lives.