Child Abuse Prevention

Through Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS) of Child and Family Charities, trained, licensed, and compassionate childcare professionals work to connect families to resources for raising happy and healthy children. First incorporated as the Council for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, and then as Child Abuse Prevention Services, CAPS continues to be the only organization in Ingham County dedicated solely to providing support services to single parents and families.


Child Abuse Prevention Services Primary Goals Are To:

  • Strengthen the family
  • Educate the community
  • Give parents the tools they need to successfully nurture children.
  • Preventing the Cycle of Child Abuse


Helpful Resources


2017 Beneficiaries



low-income children received 349 sessions of respite child care, including a nutritious lunch



parents participated in parenting education and support services



demonstrated significant improvement in parenting skills, knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs



parents received Medicaid outreach services and were instructed on child wellness topics and resources



parents received substance abuse assessment, education, and support services


Family Growth Center

It is a place for children to enjoy FREE drop-in childcare for children 6 weeks through 5 years of age. A nominal fee is charged to higher income families. Family Growth Center is a program of Child Abuse Prevention Services

For more information on childcare call (517) 371-1347.


Healthy Transitions engages parents of children who are Medicaid Eligible or receiving Medicaid assistance.  Data shows that low or no income families are more at risk of child maltreatment.  Providing outreach services is a strategic and effective method in diminishing child abuse.

Public Awareness

Community Outreach & Public Awareness provides the general public and specific at-risk populations with child abuse prevention information, strategies, and resources. Our staff is adept at relating this highly charged and sensitive, yet vitally important message to your group, task force, organization, business, or team. 

Foster Care Supportive Visitation (FCSV)

The FCSV program provides intensive and individualized parent-child visit services to families whose children are in foster care and where reunification is the case goal. General activities include providing in-home parenting education, observing parent-child interactions, and giving helpful feedback to the parent before and after each session. 

Substance Abuse Support Services and Education (SASSE)

Clients who have struggled with substance abuse are referred to this program by CPS and foster care workers.  We provide substance abuse screenings and work closely with treatment facilities and other treatment providers, to assess the appropriate level of treatment for every client.  Case management is provided, to assist with resources and support.  Monthly educational workshops are presented, to focus on relevant topics, such as Stress Management, Relapse Triggers, Effects of Substance Abuse on the Family (etc).  

For more information please contact Rachel Prosen  (517) 484-8444