Matthew's Story

"...I know a little boy who isn't scared of monsters, dragons, or ghosts. What frightens six-year-old Matthew is more terrifying, and it's not make-believe. Matthew is among the population of children living right here in our community who struggle with horrifying memories of abuse and neglect, like being burned by cigarettes and beaten by the people whom he loved and trusted the most. No child should ever have to experience what Matthew endured!

Since being placed with a family through the Child Welfare Division of Child and Family Charities, Matthew has been adopted by a loving family that has given him something he has never had in the past: security, compassion and enduring love. Matthew has and will continue to receive therapy by a trained counselor and guidance from case workers and other caring professionals on staff here at Child and Family Charities, real people who are committed to him and children like him..."

This is just one example of the many lives we touch and help each and every day at Child and Family Charities.