What is your why? Why do you work in social services? Why did you drop by our page? Why are you still reading this? The inspiration for each person is different and personal, but in the end it boils down to the numbers. 
1.7 million - the number of homeless youth in the United States
      5,000 - the number of homeless youth that die each year due to assault, illness or suicide
683,000 - number of children abused and neglected annually 
      5 -number of children that DIE EACH DAY from abuse and neglect 
67.6% - the recidivism rate for juvenile offenders without intervention
670,000 - the number of children that spent time in U.S. foster care
The WHY is impact.  
Through prevention, intervention and follow up Child and Family Charities strives to impact these numbers by  working to strengthen and support children, families and individuals. 
By supporting us: 
  • You make sure parents have a safe place for their children to go while they go to their job interview.
  • You will work to meet homeless teens on the street and get them safe housing and a meal in their stomach.
  • You will give youth the chance to get straight.
 Because the youth and families in our community matter.