Give School Supplies – Get A Healthier Community


Funding is Limited

Local public schools try to provide all of the necessary school supplies needed for their students to have the best chance at success in their classrooms as possible. Unfortunately, the resources allocated to local public schools are inadequate to meet the needs of their students. Many of our local families here in the mid-Michigan area have limited income to provide for the sent home lists for the child to bring with them to school. This requirement presents a hardship not only on the parent, who is often stretched to the breaking point, especially during these difficult times but also on the child.

When a child goes to class lacking the proper supplies, they feel it. Their friends and classmates notice it, too. Sometimes this makes them a “target” for bullying and verbal abuse from their peers. Although that behavior is wrong, it happens.  

The result is a child who is already experiencing some disadvantage due to life circumstances beyond their control. Add that to the strain of not having the items required by their classrooms, and you have a recipe for failure. The child is embarrassed and anxious from the very beginning of the school year. These concerns can lead to truancy, misbehavior, and ultimately suspension or even expulsion.

Fill the Backpack

For this reason, Child and Family Charities, along with other nonprofit organizations, hold the Fill the Backpack campaign each year. When backpacks and supplies are donated, it alleviates the strain on the parent and the child. The teachers, too, benefit. All too often, when a child comes unprepared to the classroom, their teacher will purchase the supplies for the student out of their own pocketbooks—putting stress on the educator as well.  That is remedied by those generous people in our community who are willing to help out with the donation of a few supplies.

Students are enabled to succeed rather than destined to fail when they start the new school year outright. When teachers no longer have to dig into their own pay to provide for classroom supplies and individual student needs, they feel the support of the community. Thus, our educators are more satisfied with their chosen profession. Teachers feel empowered to educate our community’s children and youth. In turn, the outcome is that our children receive a superior education.

Pandemic or Not—Children Still Need Supplies

Due to the pandemic, many students were being taught virtually; therefore,  need for supplies might have been underrated by the community. However, the importance of donating school supplies should not be overlooked! Students working from home or in the classroom need supplies to be successful.

We hope you will consider donating through a cash donation that we will use to purchase supplies in bulk for students or donate through the Amazon link, providing supplies through our linked options. Additionally, you can provide supplies directly to the agency!

HOLD A DRIVE? If you or your group are willing to hold a supply drive for our agency, let us know! We can deliver donation boxes, flyers, and even posters. We will schedule a pickup for the items when the container is full, too!

Investing in the Future

Children are our future. Preparing students by giving them the supplies they need will set them up for success! A donation of school supplies can be considered an investment in the future of our community and our country. The next generation is our future.

Try to remember that not every family has the finances available to supply their child with the proper school equipment to succeed. Donations ensure that everyone in the classroom is equally prepared, limiting bullying and teasing on these issues.  Donations to Child and Family Charities will relieve families of one stress they do not need. You will be helping to keep families be strong and content.

Impoverished areas like what we have in the Lansing community often have a considerable lack of school supplies. Help from those who are able will help our community thrive.

How, When, and What To Donate

Child and Family Charities wish list of needs can be found at this link:

To make a cash donation and find out more about the Fill the Backpack Campaign, go to this link:

To donate through our Amazon wish list link, go to this link: