Response To Recent Events


Child and Family Charities
Response to Recent Events
June 2020

"If tolerance, respect and equity permeate family life, they will translate into values that shape societies, nations and the world.” –Kofi Annan

Recent events have compelled Child and Family Charities to examine and take action against the multilayered reality of racism in the United States.

To be clear, we as an agency do not condone racism in any way, shape, or form. Racism is dehumanizing to everyone it touches.

Social Work embraces a longstanding value of upholding and working toward social justice for all people. We are caring, welcoming, respecting of diversity, and working for social justice within our own agency and in our community. We acknowledge that racism can be intentional, conscious, unconscious or unintentional; however, it is of the utmost importance that to eliminate the effects of systemic racism, it must be identified, discussed, reviewed and kept at the forefront of our thoughts and actions.

Therefore, through the tenets of our core value statements, we reflect on recent events with purposeful discussion to create change and equity for those who have experienced racism. 

Teamwork: Work well together to achieve an outcome by valuing each team member’s opinion and contribution through effective communication and support.

Respect and Dignity: Treat all people with value and worth with awareness for situations and actions that have an impact on them. Truly listen to others and treat people with kindness, courtesy and politeness.

Integrity: Actions are supported with best practices, transparency, thoughtfulness and strong ethics. Be accountable and take ownership for actions.

Trauma Focused Care: Create a space with cultural, emotional and physical safety guided by strength based approaches, choice and empowerment, preparation and collaboration, confidentiality, and empathy.

Inclusivity: Include all people and embrace differences with full acceptance and maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. This is achieved through self-awareness and a willingness to actively listen, seek to understand and adapt to different needs.

Excellence: Always strive to exceed expectations and provide outstanding services with evidence based practices and collaborative approaches.

Child and Family Charities is committed to equity and inclusion in its entirety through our policies, programs and practices. As we continue to evolve and learn about racism, its effects on individuals and our society, we are seeking to ultimately achieve a fully non-racist and inclusive culture throughout our agency, community, our state and our nation. 

With a profound belief that with our commitment to this process, transformation and healing is possible,

Julie Thomasma, Ph. D. CEO CFC
Andrea Calabrese, DSW COO CFC
Ahmad Kabeer, BA CFO CFC
Elizabeth Gonzalez, BS Dir. of Admin. CFC
Demphna Krikorian, MDIV Dir. of Dev. CFC
Kelly Haynie-Urech, BSW Dir. of Angel House CFC
Kathy Kelly, MA Dir. of Child Abuse Prevention CFC
LaToya Harvey, MSW Dir. of Child Welfare CFC
Diane Goodemote, MSBS Dir. of Compliance and Licensing CFC
Jennifer McMahon, MPA Dir. of Gateway Youth Services CFC
Sidney Bishop, MS Dir. of Juvenile Justice CFC