Whole Foods Market Partnership


I think all of the divisions we have are amazing, but our Gateway Youth Services division holds a special place in my heart. Before I  began as the development associate I was the Case Manager for the transtional living program. Gateway helps youth who lack safe and stable housing to put it simply. Youth may encounter this through many different circumstances, including being asked to leave, fighting in the home, chronic family homelessness, and other circumstances. No matter how the youth come to Gateway, the staff are there. Gateway helps through many avenues including an LGBTQ support group for high school aged teens, a 24-hour crisis line, prevention services and many more that can be read about here.

Every year each Whole Foods Market store holds four Community Support days per year. This year they have chosen Gateway Youth Services to benefit from one of these days! On June 22 (Thursday) 5% of sales from the East Lansing store will benefit the homeless youth in your community. We are so excited to partner with such an amazing company. So far this year the East Lansing Whole Foods Market has already given over $16,000 back to the community!

So if you have any grocery shopping to do, save it for Thursday and make sure you go to Whole Foods Market in East Lansing to help our homeless youth in Mid-Michigan!

And pick up some bacon from their deli counter (yum!)

Click HERE to learn more about Whole Foods Market and to check on what sales will be available Thursday!