Show Your Pride


2019 marks the 50th Year of the Stonewall Riots –a historical moment in LGBTQ+ history.  This is also the first year of WorldPride which will be hosted in New York City .Child and Family Charities (CFC) promotes, supports and celebrates LGBTQ+ pride every day.

You can visually see our celebration of diversity throughout the colors of our marketing materials which represent all of our six divisions and 23+ programs (

Our Human Services organization provides an array of services to LGBTQ+ youth, adults and families.  We celebrate families in all forms whether biological or family of choice and support families who are seeking to foster and/or adopt children into their loving hearts and homes.  Love is love! 

At Child and Family Charities, you will also find that we provide many services and supports to our LGBTQ+, GNC (gender non-conforming) and NB (non-binary) youth within our Gateway Youth Division  You will find our culturally sensitive staff providing services through our Kevin Moody Youth Shelter, Street Outreach Program, Supportive Community Housing for Youth, Youth and Family Prevention Program and our  LGBTQ+ T.R.U.E. group (Teens Respecting and Understanding Each Other)  Our staff is respectful, open and affirming of all of our clientele, no matter how they identify.  CFC is an agency that celebrates all who come through its doors and recognizes that no matter where you come from, how you identify or who you choose to love, YOU are important! Thank you for taking time to celebrate PRIDE with CFC today and every day!

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