What is Therapy and How Does it Work?


Many people are nervous about the idea of seeing someone about their mental health. I think that it might be easier if people could see that it is more emotional health that can be a problem.  Many of us get caught up in the daily struggle to make sure the kids are to school on time, that there is something for dinner and that the bills are going to all be paid this month.  When you add being bullied at school, or being anxious about going into a store or a job, or maybe that the woman you like is not interested in you or a thousand other worries we can become emotionally ill. It affects us all differently like having that extra doughnut or cookie, not wanting to get out of bed when the alarm goes off or not being able to get to sleep for hours or whatever way it affects you. The common thread is that you just do not feel ‘right’ and are not sure why.

Counseling or therapy might not have all the answers you are looking for to deal with your life issues, it can be a great relief in telling someone something that hurts you or someone you care about. The telling can help to understand that others have had similar pain and with the tools given to them during therapy they are able to feel better.  Making an investment in yourself or child can have a trickle down affect and help family and friends have better relationships.  It is hard to be an emotional support to your children if you are feeling overwhelmed and inadequate all of the time. 

Sleep is the cornerstone of good emotional health. The brain needs adequate rest in order to function properly and therapy can address stress, anxiety, and depression that cause sleep disruption. With emotions there is also the need for rest to regroup to face what comes the next day.  We also need proper fuel to be able to function well in the jobs we all preform. The failing at our jobs often leads us to feel emotional failure and then anger, resentment, embarrassment and other emotions make us doubt ourselves and we spiral downward.


                                                                -Debra Wright, MA, LMSW, LPC

                                                                Therapist at Child and Family Charities


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