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Show Your Pride


2019 marks the 50th Year of the Stonewall Riots - a historical moment in LGBTQ+ history. This is also the first year of WorldPride which will be hosted in New York City. Child and Family Charities (CFC) promotes, supports and celebrates LGBTQ+ pride every day.

Children Are Precious, Let's Keep Them Safe From Harm


I’m sure that many of you know that April is National Child Abuse Prevention month. In the USA there are at least four child abuse related deaths every day – a horrible fact – and the abuser is most likely to be a parent, close family member, or the parent’s partner.

Every Day Ordinary Super Hero


March is National Social Work month and the theme for this year is “Elevate”. I think that this is a perfect word to describe what social workers actually do.

Facing the Fear of Deportation


Living under the perceived threat of detention and deportation is having harmful mental health effects on undocumented immigrants and the ir families, according to Dr. Concepcion Barrio, associate professor at the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. “It just creates an air of constant fear and being on edge,” she said. “They are afraid to go outside, to look out of place in a certain neighborhood, and to go out and seek a job.”

What is Therapy and How Does it Work?


Stress affects us all differently like having that extra doughnut or cookie, not wanting to get out of bed when the alarm goes off or not being able to get to sleep for hours or whatever way it affects you. The common thread is that you just do not feel ‘right’ and are not sure why.

Children and Trauma – This Really is Us


While a recent episode of the hit TV show “This is Us” generated lots of buzz on social media and at the watercooler because of the sudden death of a lead character, another storyline touches close to home for many foster parents.

Services for Homeless, Runaway, and at-risk youth


A flow chart to make accessing the right services quick and easy

Inside: Fostering


A Foster to Adopt Mom talks about her experience.

How to Discuss Tragedies with Children


In times like this, it is difficult as and adult to process such a tragedy and as parents it is often hard to know how to broach the topic with our children. Here are some tips on how to address this difficult topic.

Becoming a Foster Parent


Making the decision to become a Foster Parent is an important one. Here you will learn about what to expect on your way to licensing.

9 signs your Teen may be Using Drugs and What to do about it


Recent studies have shown the long term effects of drugs on adolescence brains, and that those that begin using as adolescence have a greater risk of becoming addicted. It is important that parents do not ignore the warning signs!



When working for any non-profit, it is usually because their work speaks to you. This is our 'Why'.

Whole Foods Market Partnership


Whole Foods Market will be partnering with our Gateway Youth Services Division.