Nexus Screening Services

FREE Screening services are provided to Ingham County youth who have behavioral problems and their parents are unsure of what might be helpful. A trained and experienced therapist meets with both youth and parents. Questions are asked to learn what would be helpful to address the problems. Recommendations include mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, physical health care, mentoring, tutoring, or other supports.

This program’s aim is to provide early intervention to identify and prevent problems from becoming more serious. Preventing involvement in the juvenile justice system is the underlying goal. Referrals are made to services that assist youth and families to develop healthier coping skills and positive relationships.

Screening is available for children and youth age 6 – 17.  Referrals are accepted from parents, schools, physicians, or any concerned adult. 

To make an appointment or gather information, call 517-882-4000 extension 151.