Foster Care Supportive Visitation (FCSV)

The FCSV (Foster Care Supportive Visitation) program provides intensive and individualized parent-child visit services to families whose children are in foster care and where reunification is the case goal. 

General activities include providing in-home parenting education, observing parent-child interactions, and giving helpful feedback to the parent before and after each session. 

The Bavolek Nurturing Parenting Program is the curriculum model and the Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI) and Nurturing Skills Competency Scale are used as assessment tools for the development of service plans and to measure client progress.

For more information on this and other Child Abuse Prevention Services programs, contact Rachel Prosen, FCSV Supervisor, at (517) 484-8444
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2017 Beneficiaries



families and 109 children served